Dress ups for grown ups is our passion!

Created by Tealia Scott, a costumier with a love of theatre and fun, Kamikaze Couture was inspired by the costume experience phenomenon in European festivals and began in Australia by dressing up friends and guests at festivals such as Peats Ridge and the Great Escape. They now bring the costumes and theater to transform your event.

Tealia Scott:
Tealia is a fourth generation costumier with an sequined eye for detail and a passion for costume creation. She can be found at her Marrickville studio, surrounded by a costume collection ranging from vintage to space age, making magic with her sewing machine.

“From a child I remember being under the sewing machine as my Nana peddled away making her trade as a Tailoress. I began designing and making my own clothes, and my neighbours clothes, from the age of 8. Costumes, Theatre and Drama have always traversed my family. A love & knowledge of fine fabrics and notions was passed down to me. Fabric pieces call to me to make them into a piece of clothing or headdress or body piece, the design, weave and texture all play a part in what costume it will become. My designs and costumes have appeared in every fashion arena, both here and abroad, from stage shows to the Catwalk, and back to corporate events and advertising campaigns.

There is a real joy watching another emerge into character – feeling confident in themselves to bust out of their shell. I think costume allows people to experience parts of themselves they usually keep hidden. Not only professional actors on stage, but all of us. It is this passion of transformation that inspires me to make for Kamikaze Couture.”

Ben Clive:
With over 25yrs in event industry experience, and armed with expert knowledge in technical production, Bens background is in producing tailored events, large scale & high profile outdoor events and bespoke builds for brand awareness campaigns. He has a penchant for the obscure and the weird but definitely wonderful. Developed and always developing solutions to produce brilliance into the show. Life is a production.

Together with their team of stylists, make-up artists and over 1000 costumes awaiting your arrival, Kamikaze Couture has your ticket to experience the most decadent dress up box in town.

Kamikaze Couture – Where you are the bomb.